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March Lucky Winners

Congratulations to John Horner from Mt Albert – our first weekly winner of our March Special to “Win Your Money Back” If you would like a chance to be a “winner”, be sure to have your curtains cleaned before 31 March 2017.

Win Your Money Back Before 31st March*

It may not feel like it but Autumn's just around the corner.  Your curtains will soon be getting some serious use.  Humid conditions this "summer" have been perfect for mould, mildew and bad smells.  Now's the time to freshen them up and get them looking and smelling terrific.If you get...

More Happy Customers

We're always updating these with the latest comments from our happy customers.

Don't Be Tempted to DIY

Over the years we’ve seen and heard many horror outcomes when customers come to us with curtains when they have done just that. Unfortunately, some DIY damage cannot be undone and then you are faced with the time and expense of replacing curtains. 

Outsource Life's Boring Bits

Fiona Fraser, Editor of NZ Womens Weekly, talks about entirely outsourcing life's boring bits ... including having your curtains cleaned by a "magic de-moulding fairy" (aka Curtain Clinic).  We think that's a great idea !

Before & After Photos

Check out how these curtains looked before we gave them a new lease of life!  (see our Gallery)