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The Curtain Clinic Story

Having inadvertently ruined a set of precious curtains by her DIY ethos, Owner and Managing Director of Curtain Clinic, Angela Jones, started a journey of investigation to discover what she could have done differently to achieve a much better outcome.

A great deal of experimentation followed, culminating with the inspiration to start a small backyard curtain cleaning operation. This first "factory" was a simple plastic greenhouse on the back lawn, utilizing only fencing wire for hanging and processing the curtains.  Outgrowing the backyard greenhouse, Curtain Clinic moved to commercial premises at 3 Old Wairoa Road, Papakura and remained there for the next 14 years.

Today, Curtain Clinic is strategically located at 174 Great South Road in Takanini. The techniques used are now specialised and purpose-specific. The custom designed and built tracking and wash machinery systems ensure Curtain Clinic is an industry leader with a reputation for excellent standards and fast turnaround.

The developmental years of Curtain Clinic are a prime example of trial, error, perseverance and sheer determination. By taking a concept, challenging it and adapting it over the years, "Curtain Clinic" has become a recognised household name. It is this Kiwi spirit of ingenuity and hardwork that has turned Angela's idea and passion into a reality.

In the 21 years since the birth of Curtain Clinic, its story is often recounted and is strongly endorsed within the company. It forms the basis of Curtain Clinic's principles and ethics for customers and team members alike. The dedicated, hardworking, all-girl team keeps to these principles, earning Curtain Clinic the exceptional reputation it deserves.

"Based on a foundation of high ethical standards, hardwork, a commitment to professionalism, achieving the best possible result and unparalleled teamwork, we would love to treat you to the Curtain Clinic experience. We are proud of what we do."



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